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Relieve and release the stiffness that comes from prolonged sitting—at a desk, behind the wheel, or on a meditation cushion—with these easy-to-follow exercises. Free yourself from pain with this beautifully illustrated guide.

The book is organized anatomically, helping readers to immediately focus on the part of the body that causes them pain: tense shoulders, stiff knees, sore hips, etc. Sit with Less Pain also includes instructions for flowing series of movements, which combine several exercises into smooth sequences, for readers who have mastered the individual stretches and want a more complete experience.

Gorgeous, clear illustrations and lay-flat binding—which lets the book stay open at the proper page—will help readers perfect the poses.

Available with companion CD's of the author's soothing voice guiding you through the sequences offered in the book.  You can chose tracks and design your own unique stretching sessions focusing on the parts of your body that need special attention.  


"Jean Erlbaum's book is a true blessing for anyone who has a body.  Everyone should own this amazing book."  

                                                     -- Melissa Myozen Blacker,

                                                    Co-editor of The Book of Mu

"Erlbaum's presentation is straightforward and clear, with just enough detail for nonexperts to understand how to do the simple poses she outlines...               --Yoga Journal